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Level 1 PMBI Certified Coach and Guide
Level 2 PMBI Air
40hr Advanced Wilderness First Aid (WAFA).

Fernanda Flano

Lead Coach and Program Coordinator


I'm Ferni, Coach and Program Coordinator for Hilltop MTB. Whether you're interested in joining our after school practice sessions, summer programs, adult progression programs, or private lessons, I've got you covered both "in the office" and out on the trails.

I come from Chile, where my love for mountains adventures flourished in the stunning Andes Mountain range. Throughout my biking journey, I've had the privilege of participating in incredible adventure races, conquering challenging XC trails, and leaving my mark in a couple of thrilling EWS races.

I am always stoke and exited about riding bikes. My goal is to not only help you improve your skills but also grow the passion for the sport within you. Every moment spent on your bike with me will be thrilling, memorable, and filled with enthusiasm.

I have a strong passion for mountain biking and coaching allows me to share that passion. Being a positive role model to younger or adult riders brings me joy, and I am excited to help them grow and achieve their goals. Joining the Hilltop MTB team is an exciting opportunity for me to continue developing as a coach.

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