Level 1 PMBI Certified Coach and Guide
40hr Advanced Wilderness First Aid

Sophie Tyas

Lead Coach

I began my journey in a little country called Aotearoa, New Zealand. I was always adventuring and exploring outside, playing and having fun! Being outside and active have always been an integral part of my personality, and mountain biking has helped shape who I am today!

I began riding and racing cross country as a young teen, but soon realized I enjoyed the physical and mental challenges that downhill mountain biking provided. I began racing DH and found I thrived on those challenges, which sparked the drive to travel and race on the World Cup Circuit. Recently I have taken a step back from racing, giving me time to cultivate new skills and riding disciplines and bringing new riders into the sport.

I have always considered myself a student of mountain biking and I now feel ready to pass on my knowledge and experience to the younger generations. Mountain Biking is my passion and I value all the lessons it can teach us - from self-reliance to confidence and commitment - I believe everyone can benefit from these values in the context of the outdoors!