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Creating opportunities and environments where riders feel comfortable developing the skills, character and leadership to throw down on any trail,  on their bikes or beyond.​..

our history

HILLTOP MTB began out of founder Jaime Hill's desire to attract and keep more girls on bikes.  

Throughout Jaime's 15 year career as a mountain bike athlete and coach, she noticed a gap in the level of coaching available to young girls.

In 2017 Jaime formed HILLTOP MTB as her answer to bridging these gaps.

Our story began with a small group of girls, as part of our flagship, "Three2Six" girls only after-school program.

Since then we have seen lots of growth, but continue to focus on creating environments that are fun and supportive, where riders can feel comfortable developing the skills, character and leadership to throw down on any trail,  on their bikes or beyond.

Today we offer a range of youth programming from after-school lessons to high-performance training, and our coaching team is comprised of some of the industries most highly trained and passionate coaches and guides.

In 2019 we launched our Girls Jr. Coach Mentor program as a way to help youth find additional opportunities to stay involved in the community and mountain bike industry as a whole, and now offer youth coach mentorship to riders aged 13+.

Our team is passionate about inspiring others and we can't wait for you to join us on the trails!

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“We have had the privilege of having our daughter Charlotte participate in many of the Hilltop MTB camps and what an amazing experience it has been.  


Jaime is an incredible role model with teaching skills and values that exceed way beyond the world of mountain biking.  Her joy for life, sport and kindness is contagious.  


Her core beliefs are replicated with her staff and they all in return encourage, inspire and motivate our young girls to not only become great little rippers but strong and supportive little beings.  


The structure, the diversity and the skills being taught at Hilltop MTB are bar none.  Women inspiring and teaching girls in an inclusive and safe environment is for us as parents simply priceless.  


Hilltop MTB is truly a gem for our community and we plan on supporting and singing their praise for many years to come.”



“Jaime and her team have a special magic when working with children and youth.

Kids can’t get enough of the positive energy and always want to try new things or push themselves to be better!

Jaime and her team are outstanding role models who’s laughter and passion for riding are contagious.”



“Thank you! Mya was glowing when she got home and has been talking about the ride all evening!


Making that tough climb was a huge accomplishment for her ... knowing that she can now do those climbs is also so wonderful for our family rides!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing a safe and supportive space where she can learn and grow! I am sure she will never forget how proud of herself she is tonight! .”

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Hilltop MTB

Hilltop MTB

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