If you answered YES to all these questions, you might be the perfect fit for our team!
what we ask of you

Arrive on time for your scheduled practice session, looking and feeling awesome!

Come prepared with a solid practice plan based on your riders' experience, age range and goals.

Use your super human powers (and coaching knowledge/training), to provide assistance and feedback  throughout each practice.

Be ready to adapt to changing conditions or group dynamics.

Check your "ego" at the door and be ready to have fun and "Grip It. And Rip It."

Respect the land and territory we operate on.

Top knotch communication skills.

Knowledge and experience of Squamish trail system is an asset!

Level 1 PMBI certification (or equivalent)*

Valid first Aid Certificate (OFA level 1 / 40hr Wilderness Advanced First Aid.

A mountain bike in good working order.

*Level 2 PMBI certificaiton would be an asset - We also provide additional training & certification for committed individuals

Competitive wages.

High quality coaching kit.

Opportunities for continuing education, training and mentorship to help you along your coach pathway.

A fun work environment - we're really more like a family!

Other industry perks.

Send us your resume and tell us a little bit about yourself and why you want to join the Hilltop MTB team

We're currently looking for passionate, skilled, dedicated and fun-loving coaches to join our growing crew of super awesome humans!
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