Q:  What if my child is away for some dates?

While our mentorship & devleopment program is an annual program (billed monthly over 12-months), we will offer three "make-up days" throughout the year.  If your child misses some dates, they may be able to make-up a maximum of three missed on-bike practice dates based on coach availability.

Q:  What if my child injurs themselves and cannot participate in the on-bike sessions?

We understand that injuries can happen, whether its out on the trails or in "regular life".  We will do our best to provide make-up dates when your child is ready to get back on the trails.  We are also happy to include your child in other ways to help them continue to feel apart of the team and contiue to grow in other ways.  In the event that we cannot find creative ways to keep your child involved on-bike practice sessions, we can disucss the potential of pro-rated monthly fee reductions. 

Q:  How is this program different to your regular seasonal practice sessions?

Whle all our regular seasonal practices offer some of the industries most highly qualified and passionate instructors, our annual mentorship & development program provides enriched coach involvement with Jaime as well as focused training and development.  On top of regular weekly practices, it includes regular workshops, personalized individual check-ins, additional monthly training camps and race/competition/coach support.


Q:  My child really wants to be part of the team, but the cost may not be feasible, what should I do?

We understand that sometimes it may be difficult to make all the "pieces" fit when it comes to giving your child everything they want/need.  While we feel our Early Bird pricing provides a great deal of value, our aim is to provide INCLUSIVE programming!  As such we offer scholarship opportunities for this program.  Please contact Jaime directly to discuss your situation and to request/apply. 

Q:  Is any girl welcome?

At Hilltop MTB we have an all-inclusive philosophy and opperate on a "no cild is turned away" mentality.  This program will require a commitment from all those involved (coach, athlete, parents), which is why we will be hosting a meet & greet workshop and skill/mindset assessment event, March 12th & 13th, in hopes of ensuring a successful start to our year and that all involved are on "the same page" from the onset of the program. 

During this on-bike camp, skills, fitness and more importantly a positive attitude, ability to work well within a team and show respect for one another will be evaluated.  This camp will form a benchmark for continued growth and development throughout the year.

Q:  What can I expect for the registration & payment schedule?

Upon completion of your athlete "Membership Application Form", you will be sent an e-mail containing your program welcome package, including the first monthly reoccuring invoice.  Payment will be taken prior to the start of program and will be used to secure your child's spot.  The following 11 payments will be billed automatically for each subsequent month (April to February) and you will be provided with a monthly invoice.

If you have any questions about this, or would prefer to pay in one lump sum at the start of the season, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to February 28th.

Q:  What if I still have questions?

If you have any further questions/requests please do not hesitate to contact Jaime direclty.