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Q:  What if my child is away for some dates?

Our 2023 performance development program offers a variety of programming tiers to help riders find the right mix for their schedule and availability.  While there are no make-up dates for missed practice sessions, if the options provided don't quite work for your schedule, please contact us to discuss your circumstances as we reserve the right to consider alternatives. 

Q:  What if my child injurs themselves and cannot participate in the on-bike sessions?

We understand that injuries can happen, whether it's out on the trails or in "regular life".  We will do our best to include injured riders in additional practice sessions once they are ready to be back on their bike. 

We will also work with athletes, doctors and physio-therapists to adhere to return to sport protocols while athletes heal.

While there are no refunds due to illness or injury, we do reserve the right for considerations on a case-by-case basis.

Q:  How is this program different to your regular seasonal practice sessions?

While all our regular seasonal practices offer highly qualified, professionally certified, and passionate instructors, our athlete development programs provide enriched coach involvement with coaches Jaime and Noel (and Katrina), as well as focused training and development.  Only our athlete development programs offer training in the Whistler Bike Park, and other unique locations!  These programs also provide works shops, individual check-ins, race support and/or coach mentoring support outside of practices.


Q:  My child really wants to be part of the team, but the cost may not be feasible, what should I do?

We understand that sometimes it may be difficult to make all the "pieces" fit when it comes to giving your child everything they want/need.  While we feel our pricing model, provides outstanding value, our aim is to provide INCLUSIVE programming!  As such we offer in-house scholarship opportunities for this program, and some athletes may be eligible for funding through JumpStart or KidsSport  programs.  Some riders may also be eligible to apply for the Shred Athletic Society Scholarship   for help with your training.

Please contact Jaime directly to discuss your situation and to request/apply for any in-house scholarships if you are not able to secure funding from any of the above options. 

Q:  Is anyone welcome?

At Hilltop MTB we have an all-inclusive philosophy. This program will require a commitment from all those involved (coaches, athletes, parents etc.), which is why we will be reviewing applications and conducting parent & rider interviews.  This ensures all riders that have the passion, commitment, and dedication for this level of programming are considered.  

This program, however, only has a limited number of spots, and as such, during the application and interview process, we are looking for athletes that not only possess the skills and fitness but more importantly showcase a positive attitude, ability to work well within a team and show respect for one another, the coaches, and the land.  With limited openings, we sadly can only choose the most passionate and committed riders. 

Any athletes that might not be selected this year, are welcomed, and encouraged to continue to participate in other Hilltop MTB programming to continue to prepare for future years! 

Q:  What can I expect for registration & payment?

After we have selected all team members, we will follow up with a welcome e-mail containing program info and registration links.  options, and applicable registration links.  

You may choose to pay in one lump-sum at the onset of the year, or opt for installment payments. 


Installment payments are available in six, or ten installments (depending on the program) and an initial deposit in the amount of $200+gst will be required  at the time of registration. 


*Note:  Installment payments are not considered "monthly membership fees".  Installments are considered as total invoice payments and are non-refundable*

Q:  What if my child decides they want to cancel participation partway through the season?

Our athlete development programs require passion, commitment, and dedication, and we know this can sometimes be hard for a young athlete to undertake.  Therefore, we are conducting an application period and rider/parent interviews.  Interested athletes are asked to carefully consider their training availability and level of commitment.  As there are limited spots available for this high-performance club program, there are no refunds for cancelations once the season has commenced.  

If a situation should arise where an athlete is finding it hard to motivate themselves to participate, our team of coaches will work with the rider/parents to understand the nature of the underlying issue and work to help the young athlete find the right motivation to continue to learn and grow!

Q:  What if I still have questions?

If you have any further questions/requests please do not hesitate to contact Jaime direclty.

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