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Level 2 PMBI Certified Advanced Instructor & Guide (Trail & Air concepts).
Level 2 National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) Certified Competition Mountain Bike Coach
NCCP Multi-Sport Competition Development training modules including:
• Developing Athletic Abilities
• Mentoring
• Coaches Initiation In Sport
• Making “Headway” In Sport – Concussion Awareness
• Making Ethical Decisions
Certificate in Emergency First Responder + 40hr WAFA
On-Call Fire Fighter with Squamish Fire Rescue

Noel Bolso

Operations & Head Coach

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, I have a background in motocross and off-road hard enduro racing but grew up riding my fully rigid chromoly MTB in the provincial park near my family's home. Later in my MX career, after a bit of a hiatus from non-motorized bikes, I rediscovered my passion for adventure and racing in the woods with friends on my mountain bike.

For over 10-years mountain biking has allowed me to travel all over the world, exploring new terrain and racing in new places. I love the adventure, testing my skills and fitness and of course eating ALL the food along the way.

Through my time riding and racing and being coached myself, I have seen the value in developing a strong skills platform. I really enjoy helping riders find flow where they formerly found challenge and helping to enable their development in a fun and safe atmosphere. Sharing my passion for adventure & sportsmanship is something in which I truly find joy.

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